Totem Acoustic offers Dealers the highest level of exclusivity. No online sales. No gray sales. No discount Dealers. Protected margins on absolutely stunning speakers who offer some of the best imaging in the business. The founder is still designing every speaker they sell. We are proud to represent this true classic audiophile brand.



Trinnov is the undisputed ultimate Surround Sound Processor. Did you know they also offer world class amplification? Trinnov is more than The Optimizer. They’re dedicated to providing the highest quality sound quality in the world of Home Cinema with their processors and amplifiers. They also offer an amazing stereo pre-amp that has to be heard to be believed. We are proud to represent the brand that is synonymous with the best surround sound processor.


CONTI_logo HTE nero copia.jpg

Recreating an authentic movie experience at home through an expert design, accurate acoustics, exciting audio and video performance and, above all, comfort and livability … with a touch of Italian taste. 



Ascendo Immersive Audio is a new player in the high end theater compression driver category that is making acoustic experts rush to specify their product. A combination of brilliant German Engineering and audiophile sensibility this line offers multiple product options and custom ability to fill even the largest theaters with jaw dropping sound. Their infra-subs go up to 50 inch woofers!



In a world ruled by visual communication, where images and pictures are what we all look for first, information need to be presented clearly, sharply, and consistently. To carry out its vision, SIM2 identify and exploit state-of-the-art technologies to create and supply top-quality, innovative display solutions that help people realize new applications, unleash emotions, connect, and improve their living and working standards.



Atlantic Technology was founded by Peter Tribeman of NAD fame. He created a speaker line known for its dynamics and value. Those traits continue to this day. If you’re looking for a truly dynamic speaker at low price points AT delivers.



Next Level Acoustics products offer sonic excellence with an outstanding performance/value ratio due to their highly efficient business model that gives them the ability to reduce inventory carrying costs with rapid build to order manufacturing done right here in the USA.



Procella Audio speakers are designed to reproduce all forms of sound, life-like, natural, from the singing bird to the raging storm. Classical music, rock, pop or the latest blockbuster movie, the Procella Audio speaker system can bring it all to life.



The Vivid Audio team represents 4 decades of experience delivering products featuring more than just innovative engineering and bespoke parts. Our goal is to produce the world’s pre-eminent High-end loudspeaker systems.



Our mission is to create an invisible loudspeaker that surpasses the sonic quality of all speakers in the built-in category.

Using state of the art technology, engineering and design, their team, over the past decade, has developed the best sounding speaker that is completely invisible.



Waterfall Audio is a French company, born from a passion for music and beautiful “objects”, a creative mind and a solid team. From the start, Waterfall positions itself in a “niche” segment of the market with its innovating concept of a speaker made of glass. 



Born with a mission “To get the best possible sound from the best looking speakers”, Architettura Sonora is a revolutionary designer of high-performing audio solutions and acoustic experiences, both indoor and outdoor. Each AS speaker is sewn on the client and designer's desires, becoming a full expression of "bespoke sound"; the combination of the various materials and finishes allows infinite declinations that confirm Architettura Sonora's sartorial vocation and its constant ability to interpret materials innovatively.



Clarté works to seamlessly blend Art, Science, and Engineering to create distinctive LED application-based lighting solutions to outperform our industry in durability, photometrics, features and aesthetics.



Lode Audio brings together real-world high-end custom installation knowhow with IT hardware and programming design expertise not normally associated with Custom Installation. Their design brief was simple – create a range of products that enables custom installers have the tools required to provide truly world class, tailored audio solutions for their customers.